Terfenol-D Data Sheet

For information on the history of Terfenol-D and what it is capable of, please check out our Core Technology page.

For many applications, the advanced smart material Terfenol-D enables increased capability in a smaller package. Terfenol-D is a near single crystal metal alloy that converts electrical power to mechanical power, and vice versa. Terfenol-D is said to be a smart material because of its ability to adapt to outside influences. With higher energy density, long life, and electric drive advantages, Terfenol-D is replacing older actuator and transducer driven materials. ETREMA is the world's leading supplier of Terfenol-D materials, and ETREMA provides and assists with the design and manufacturing of Terfenol-D driven products.

Terfenol-D materials are produced at ETREMA in automated crystal growth machines. As use of the product increased, production capacity increased, and the price has fallen dramatically. Terfenol-D is supplied to device manufacturers ready-to-use, eliminating the substantial preparation costs traditionally associated with solid state transducer materials such as piezoceramics.

How to Order

Contact: customer.service@etrema-usa.com - most quotations turned in 24 hours or less.

ETREMA provides Terfenol-D ready-to-use, lowering the effective cost to manufacturers. ETREMA's patented crystal growing machines produce solid metallic rods. Other shapes are produced by our unique machining processes. Contact ETREMA for a quotation on the quantity and configuration needed. Or, work with us to optimize performance and cost for any application.

Terfenol-D Shapes and Sizes

  • Solid Rods - Solid Rods up to 65mm diameter, and up to 200mm long, or longer, are available. Rods of 13mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and 65mm are usually in stock.

  • Laminated Rods - Laminated rods are used for eddy current control in higher frequency applications. Laminated rods are quoted to order. ETREMA will consult on the lamination thickness needed for any application.

  • Holes and Odd Shapes - Terfenol-D is often produced with holes. Solid and laminated rods are frequently produced with axial holes. Holes are sometimes needed for cooling or prestress. Holes can also be produced in plates and other shapes. Various non-routine shapes are frequently produced. Terfenol-D rods from the crystal machine "grow" in the axial direction and "shrink" perpendicular to the axis. Therefore, for shapes such as plates, attention to the axis provides creative ways to utilize magnetostriction.

  • Square Cross Section - For smaller sizes and in large quantities, square cross sections are often more cost effective than round cross-sections. 2mm square, 3mm square and 4mm square rods are usually in stock.

  • Plates, Discs, Sputtering Targets - Other shapes can be cut or machined. Ask for a quotation.

  • Terfenol-D Powder - Terfenol-D powder is increasingly used for various applications, such as sensors and composite materials. Powder is available in various mesh sizes. Ask for a quotation.

Call Etrema Products or email customer.service@etrema-usa.com for a price quotation today! Most quotations returned in under 24 hours!

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