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The CU18A is a magnetostrictive transducer that can supply vibrations up to 20 kHz. An internal thermal monitor protects the drive coil from overheating by limiting the current driven into the transducer. The transducer can be driven by any low impedance power amplifier including linear and switching power amplifier topographies.

The CU18A is a single phase electrical device that can accept electrical current from DC to 20 kHz and produces displacement from DC to 20 kHz. The displacement can be used for a variety of applications including micro positioning, ultrasonic driver for sonotrodes, and source for ultrasonic baths.

The CU18A will produce motion proportional to the input current waveform within the limits imposed by the dynamics of the load and impedance of the transducer. This capability provides a convenient method for users to produce a wide range of motion profiles simply by producing the commensurate waveform in current.

CU18A   CU18A
CU18A   Reverse view of CU18A. Flat surface for mounting extends to front cap.

The following table identifies the performance of the Terfenol-D ultrasonic magnetostrictive actuators. Each actuator is available with a Metric or English threaded connection.

Step Output Displacement Iin = 8A 5.5 6 7  
  Load = 0 g to 38 g       µM
Resonant Output Displacement     10    
Input Resistance DC, T = 25°C 0.5 1 2 Ω
Cooling 4.1e5 Pa ( 60 psi ) Quick disconnect for inlet, exhaust muffler for outlet   8.5e-4
( 1.5 )
  Kg s-1
(scfm )
Coupling Coefficient, Keff     22.2   %
Relative Permeability     3.4    
Transduction coefficient     90   N/A
Elastic Modulus     38.1   GPa
Dynamic Mass External load = 0 g   15.1   g
Total Transducer Mass     825   g

1 See Limitations Section for more information
2 Contact ETREMA for performance information on your specific application.
3 Magnetostrictive performance varies with temperature. Contact ETREMA for specific information.
4 For AC applications, impedance must be calculated.

CU18A Actuator Dimensions

CU18A Dimensions

MOUNTING HOLES (A) 10-32 Special Character 0.38 M5x0.8 Special Character 10.0mm
OUTPUT BOSS (B) 1/4-28 Special Character 0.45 M6x1.0 Special Character 11.4mm
AIR FITTINGS 10-32 M5x0.8

* All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise indicated.

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